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Housing / Renting, user’s guide

Informations about rental in Luxembourg

Do you want to rent a property in Luxembourg?

Just Arrived help you in your search for a rental property.

Search for a rental, legal obligations as tenant or owner of a property for rent, rental advices, insurance necessary to rent a property, administrative procedures and steps to be taken as a new tenant, ... You will find in this section all you need to rent a property in the best conditions in Luxembourg!

Who can help me to rent a house or an apartment ?

Looking for The Luxembourg rental market is rather limited so it is better to start your search for accommodation as soon as possible. Rent in Luxembourg-City, as in all capital cities, is expensive.

  •  Real estate agencies and relocation agencies in Luxembourg

In order to have access to the available rentals in Luxembourg, the best way is to go directly to real estate agencies and relocation agencies. These include a large selection of properties for rent in Luxembourg and will help you to find an apartment that matches your criteria. These agencies generally take care of the planning of visits and the drafting of lease agreements. In some cases, they can also take charge of the state of entry and exit. Generally, the rental contracts are signed for one or three years. It is the tenant who generally pays the rental costs, which is usually the equivalent of one month's rent.

  • The Luxembourg real estate portals

To find a rental, think also to go to the different real estate portals of Luxembourg. They offer a wide choice of properties to rent throughout the territory of Luxembourg. In addition, you can save alerts so you do not miss the lodging of your dreams.

In short: real estate agencies, relocation agencies and real estate portals are today the best way to find accommodation in Luxembourg.

 Important informations about renting an accomodation in Luxembourg

  • Term of the lease

The rental agreement for a non-furnished apartment is normally established for 3 years, renewable from one year to the next with a 3-month notice period. But this may be negotiable. For a studio, it is renewable for a year every 6 months or every year. Consider adding a clause to the contract, allowing you to end the contract at any time with a three month notice period in case you have to leave Luxembourg for professional reasons (diplomatic clause).

The legal notice period is 3 months before the end of term of the current contract. You have to pay the 3 months rent even if you leave the accommodation earlier, unless you find a tenant approved by your landlord to reit is forbidden to have pets unless you get the landlord’s agreemeplace you. A rental agreement may have a clause indicating that.

  • Documents needed to sign a rental agreement

Generally, when you sign a rental contract directly with a landlord or a real estate agency, an identity card or a passport, the last 3 pay slips or the employment contract if you arrive in Luxembourg, proof of income will be required to review your rental application.

Tip: So make sure you are in possession of its various elements during your visits. This will give you an option very quickly and save time compared to other applicants for housing.

  • Rental guarantee

A guarantor's designation and / or a rental guarantee to cover any damage caused by the tenant (s) or a default of payment will be asked in doubt when signing the rental lease, whether by the agencies or the owner.

In short: make sure you have your ID card, proof of income and a pay slip. Also be able to provide a deposit as well as the name of a possible guarantor for the rental of the accommodation.

  • Rental Insurance

By renting a house or an apartment in Luxembourg, you also submit to the obligations that this entails. For example, each tenant is required to have a fire and other risks insurance policy and a content insurance policy in the case of a rental furnished by the owner. You can check with the home insurance companies.

  • Energetic passport

The landlord must give you a copy of the "energy passport" of the rented property. The energetic passport is an obligation for the owner in Luxembourg, either for renting or selling. It is available 10 years.

 Find all your legal obligations as a tenant in Luxembourg at this address.

What administrative procedures will I take once my new home has been found?

In Luxembourg, any change of address must be imperatively notified to the local authorities of the municipality of residence. When you leave, you must report to your last municipality before you leave and must register in your new commune on arrival, in order to be in order with the local authorities.

A passport or ID card will be required, as well as a family booklet if you have children. Other documents may also be requested as proof of your income or an employment contract if you arrive in Luxembourg as a foreign resident. According to the commune, other documents may be necessary.

If you are moving to Luxembourg City for the first time, a presentation with the Bierger Center is also required.

Please also inform your bank and the Social Security of your change of address.

Once you have found your home, you must also contact the gas and electricity supplier of your phone operator  to make your connection. Many providers are planning a transfer of electricity contract to facilitate your installation. Also contact your service provider to have your new telephone line connected. The best is to anticipate to shorten the waiting time.

GOOD TO KNOW :  Consult our pages dealing with administrative procedures when you arrive in Luxembourg


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