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Housing / Estate agencies

If you are going to use an estate agency, be aware that the fees are usually a maximum of one month’s rent excluding charges to which VAT (17%) is added. We recommend you to make an appointment in advance so that the agency can prepare a visit programme that suits your needs. If you go directly to an agency you might not be able to visit anything.

Generally, your future landlord can request you pay a guarantee of maximum three months rent, excluding charges for a furnished apartment or house and two months rent for an empty apartment. This sum will be reimbursed at the end of the contract if the owner believes you have left the property in good order.

Make sure you do an inventory of fixtures when you move in and out of your accomodation.
We would recommend that the deposit should be in the form of a bank guarantee and that you do not transfer the money to the private account of the landlord.

The rental agreement for a non-furnished apartment is normally established for 3 years, renewable from one year to the next with a 3-month notice period. But this may be negotiable. For a studio, it is renewable for a year every 6 months or every year. Consider adding a clause to the contract, allowing you to end the contract at any time with a three month notice period in case you have to leave Luxembourg for professional reasons (diplomatic clause).

The legal notice period is 3 months before the end of term of the current contract. You have to pay the 3 months rent even if you leave the accommodation earlier, unless you find a tenant approved by your landlord to replace you. A rental agreement may have a clause indicating that it is forbidden to have pets unless you get the landlord’s agreement.

The landlord must give you a copy of the "energy passport" of the rented property. And don’t forget to take out tenant’s property insurance, you are obliged to do so by law.

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