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Housing / Benefits and rights

In Luxembourg, grants and rights to housing are numerous and should be looked at case by case: buying or construction allowances, energy allowances, grants, interest owed, guaranties, grants for special modifications, help to pay the rental deposit, access to social housing. … Luxembourgish residents can benefit from so many grants depending on the situation. To find out more about the different housing grants on offer in Luxembourg, Just Arrived recommends the website.

Do you need personalised advice and information on your rights and your entitlements? ? In Luxembourg a number of services have been set up to answer your questions concerning housing and to help you with technical or administrative issues.

The Housing grants department « service d’aides au logement » is there to help any individual trying to get information on housing and grants that are available to them in Luxembourg. They can also help public and private real estate promoters by informing them about which State subsidies they may be entitled to when building housing. The « service Info’logement » is also there to help answer questions from private individuals on topics such as rental policy, taxation or even building, renovating, or buying a property in Luxembourg. So don not hesitate to contact either of these bodies should you need more information on buying, renting, renovating or building a property in the grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

These are the main housing grants available in Luxembourg:

Building a property:

Buying a property:

Renting a property :

Renovating a property or special needs modifications :

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