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Development Agency of Employment - ADEM

Registration as a job seeker in Luxembourg

To register as a jobseeker contact your local employment agency (see their website for details). Your application begins on the date you first visit the agency. To register, you simply have to fullfill requirements to be able to exercise a professionnal activity in Luxembourg.

The reception office will supply you with a jobseeker’s guide, which has all the necessary information as well as a questionnaire to be completed. You will be given an appointment with an employment advisor who will deal with your personal file.

By registering, you can benefit from assistance in your job search (individual interviews, workshops, ...) , carreers advice and many job offers to get a job. ADEM does everything to help you to find a job and offers plans based on the age of the job seekers who are registred.

Discover testimonies  of people having benefited of ADEM's services.

10, r. Bender
1229 Luxembourg

Mon.-Fri., 8.30 am-11.30 am and 2 pm-5 pm

+352 247- 88888 (demandeurs d’emploi / job-seekers)
+352 247- 88000 (employeurs / employers)