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Employment / Chambers of commerce

Are you the owner of a company in Luxembourg or are looking to become the owner of a company? Would you like help, advice or contacts to develop your business in the Grand Duchy?

There are a number of Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg for all nationalities. Just Arrived has made a list for you below!

News The Moovijob Tour Delux is coming back in Luxembourg Are you looking for a job in Luxembourg or in the Greater Region ? You will surely be interested by this event ! In fact, this March 17, Moovijob Tour Delux is coming back in Luxembourg ! This will be the opportunity for thousands of students and job seekers to apply, on-site, to 150 firms that... Read the following

American Chamber of Commerce (Lux-Kirchberg)

The business guide (handbook or CD) “Working in Luxembourg” is available there.

Bangladesh Business Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg (Lux-Bonnevoie)

British Chamber of Commerce (Lux-Kirchberg)

Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese (Lux-Centre)

Italian-Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce.

Chambre de Commerce Belgo-Luxembourgeoise-Allemande DEBELUX

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg (Lux-Kirchberg)

The Chamber of Commerce supports and guides Luxembourgish businesses in their domestic, European and international development. It carries out economic trends...

Chambre Française du Commerce et de l’Industrie (Lux-Kirchberg)

Het Nederlands Handelforum Luxembourg asbl

Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg asbl

Peruvian Chamber of commerce and of tourism in Luxembourg

Portugal-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Swedish & Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg-SWEBELUX / NOBELUX (Lux-Centre)


Merkur: the magazine of Luxembourgish companies

The Chamber of Commerce’s monthly magazine is meant for businesses in Luxembourg. It is conceived as a tool of information on economic activity and political action. On the Chamber’s website, you will be able to view and subscribe to the Merkur.

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