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Have a business in Luxembourg

Are you the owner of a company in Luxembourg or are looking to become the owner of a company? Would you like help, advice or contacts to develop your business in the Grand Duchy?

There are a number of Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg for all nationalities. They can help youto open a business in Luxembourg or to become an entrepreneur.

Just Arrived has made a list for you below!

News The migration of workforce: focus on the hiring of a refugee Hiring more people with a refugee status is the goal of a successful integration Within the framework of the initiative of the European Commission "Employers united for the integration", the Commission and the economic and social partners, in particular the employers, met on the May 23rd, 2017 in... Read the following

American Chamber of Commerce (Lux-Kirchberg)

The business guide (handbook or CD) “Working in Luxembourg” is available there.

Bangladesh Business Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg (Lux-Bonnevoie)

British Chamber of Commerce (Lux-Kirchberg)

Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese (Lux-Centre)

Italian-Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce.

Chambre de Commerce Belgo-Luxembourgeoise-Allemande DEBELUX

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg (Lux-Kirchberg)

The Chamber of Commerce supports and guides Luxembourgish businesses in their domestic, European and international development. It carries out economic trends...

Chambre Française du Commerce et de l’Industrie (Lux-Kirchberg)

Het Nederlands Handelforum Luxembourg asbl

Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg asbl

Peruvian Chamber of commerce and of tourism in Luxembourg

Portugal-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Swedish & Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg-SWEBELUX / NOBELUX (Lux-Centre)


Merkur: the magazine of Luxembourgish companies

The Chamber of Commerce’s monthly magazine is meant for businesses in Luxembourg. It is conceived as a tool of information on economic activity and political action. On the Chamber’s website, you will be able to view and subscribe to the Merkur.

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