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Private schools

News Luxembourg new school year: when the public holidays will take place? A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS ! A NEW YEAR MEANS A NEW CALENDAR WITH PLENTY OF PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FOR YOUR KIDS! JUST ARRIVED REMINDS YOU THE DATES BELOW!  BEGINNING AND END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR This year, the Luxembourg school year (public system)  starts Thursday, September 15th and it will end on... Read the following

École Charlemagne (Walferdange)

French nursery school and primary school. Children from aged 3 to last year of primary school. Classes of 15 children mixing two years. Classic teaching...

École française de Luxembourg (Lux-Limpertsberg)

French speaking kindergarten and primary school. Children aged between 3 (small section) and 11 years old (end of primary level). German classes starting...

École Maria Montessori

Private bi-lingual Montessori kindergarten and primary school (French, German). Children aged 3-12 years.  

École Privée Fieldgen (Lux-Gare)

Catholic school for girls. Classical, technical secondary and preparatory education.

Ecole Privée Grandjean asbl (Lux-Gare)

French secondary education. Prepares children for the BEP (national vocational qualification) and the French STMG Baccalaureate.

École Privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie (Lux-Kirchberg)

French speaking kindergarten and primary school.  Children aged between 3 (small section) and 11 years old (end of primary level).  Recognised by the...

École Privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie (Lux-Kirchberg)

Mixed catholic school. Primary school and technical secondary education. For the French section, further details under International Schools.

News Newcomers : how does the Luxembourgian education system work? You have just arrived in Luxembourg and would like to inquire about the Luxembourgian educational system ? You are an expatriate and don't know in which school you should enroll your children or what procedure to follow? Just Arrived explains here the rudiments according to the information... Read the following

Kindergarten Les Poussins and Mini Collège

Nursery and french Kindergarten. Children aged 18 month-6 years old.

Lycée Vauban - Lycée français du Luxembourg (Lux-Limpertsberg)

French secondary education. Children aged between 11 and 18 years old (end of secondary level). Baccalaureate Diploma Recognised by the French Ministry of...

Over The Rainbow A.s.b.l. International School (Lux-Belair)

Private kindergarten and Primary school. Bilingual schooling (French and English), from the age of 3 years old. Montessori pedagogical approach and IPC...

Scuola Materna Italiana (Lux-Gare)

Pre-school education in Italian. Children aged 3-6 years. Italian programme. 2 hours luxembourgish per week. Also welcomes non italian children.

Waldorfschoul Lëtzebuerg (Lux-Limpertsberg)

Kindergarten, primary and secondary education.  Waldorf pedagogy. The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) in German.

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