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Kids Care … and Love

Creches or Nursery schools providing high-standard childcare, a French or a bilingual environment! Chèque Service Accueil members. Organic meals. Company agreements accepted.

KidsCare’s educational principles are based on freedom of movement, freedom of choice, a high-quality relationship between the child and the adult who is their primary carer, and closeness to nature. KidsCare creches and nursery schools have developed an approach consistent with a peaceful atmosphere and a stable environment.

For greater safety, groups are made up by same-aged children. For greater calmness, premises are located in quiet areas, near business centres and offices but away from stress. For better health, the gardens of the creches are at the back of the building far from exhaust fumes. Kidscare structures go beyond a form of child caretaking, they are homes, houses for children aged three months to five years.

Montessori pedagogy for the pre-school sections.
KidsCare, a pluridisciplinary team at your and your children´s service

KidsCare´s creches are:

+352 26 09 06-1

 Kids Care … and Love