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News Luxembourg new school year: when the public holidays will take place? A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS ! A NEW YEAR MEANS A NEW CALENDAR WITH PLENTY OF PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FOR YOUR KIDS! JUST ARRIVED REMINDS YOU THE DATES BELOW!  BEGINNING AND END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR This year, the Luxembourg school year (public system)  starts Thursday, September 15th and it will end on... Read the following

Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion (Lux-Merl)

Offers preparatory classes for various HNC Degrees in marketing, management and management assistance.

Ecole Privée Grandjean (Lux-Gare)

Preparation for BTS Management Exams (HND).

Lycée des Garçons (Lux-Limpertsberg)

Lycée Robert -Schumann (Lux-Limpertsberg)

Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers (Lux-Limpertsberg)

Offers preparatory classes to HND Degrees in Animation Drawing and Media Printing.

Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé (Lux-Belair)

Offers preparatory classes to HND Degrees in specialized nursing.

Lycée Technique pour Professions Educatives et Sociales

Préparation for higher education and to become a special needs teacher.

News Newcomers : how does the Luxembourgian education system work? You have just arrived in Luxembourg and would like to inquire about the Luxembourgian educational system ? You are an expatriate and don't know in which school you should enroll your children or what procedure to follow? Just Arrived explains here the rudiments according to the information... Read the following

Sacred Heart University (Lux-Kirchberg)

Offers several MBA programmes (Master of Business Administration) and a BA in philosophy.

Université du Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg, founded in 2003, is a multilingual, international research university with 6200 students and staff from all over the globe....


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Exaustive high school list

Exaustiv list of all the high schools in Luxembourg. 

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