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Education / training / After School Help

How to help you child at school ?

You can find multiple supports to help your child during the scolarity.

Linguistic support courses in fondamental school

Children just arrived in Luxembourg and / or not in possession of Luxembourgish or German on entering the basic school may benefit from a certain number of hours of language support.

They will thus be able to learn Luxembourgish and German quickly in order to follow school education in a different language than their mother tongue and will then integrate more easily their new school environment. These courses are taught directly at the school during the school day.

Other support structures for languages or school

After-school care centres

Service des foyers scolaires (Lux-Centre)

After-school care centres of the City of Luxembourg aim at providing after-school care to school aged children (aged 3-12 years) who are enrolled in the...


National Childhood Office - ONE

The National Childhood Office is part of the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth relating to the request for psycho-social help, focusing on prevention and early identification of psycho-social distress situations.

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