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Compulsory insurance in Luxembourg

Upon your arrival in Luxembourg, you need to consider taking out the following insurance:

Insurance for your habitation

  • Tenant’s insurance Policy: as a tenant, you should take out insurance. The “global habitation” form covers not only the house, apartment and annexes, but also the furniture and your personal effects against fire risk, water damage, theft, glass breakage and storms.
  • Owner insurance: whether you live in your own home or rent it, you must take out a home insurance covering all risks, fire, ...

Car insurance

According to the law in Luxembourg, all automotive vehicles must be insured for civil liability covering bodily harm and material damage caused to third parties. Fully-comprehensive motor insurance also includes legal protection coverage, fire, theft, glass breakage and material damage as well as driver coverage. Your car must be registered locally. Generally, if you are in a country for over 3 months you will no longer be covered by your insurer in your home country.

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Civil liability insurance

Civil liability insurance covers the insured person, his/her spouse and children living with them for damage caused to third parties.

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