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Banks and insurance / Opening a bank account

Useful informations to open a bank account in Luxembourg

The banking system in Luxembourg consists of banks for your daily needs and private banks that offer a service more focused on wealth management and fund management.

Retail banking in Luxembourg for your daily needs

Please note that most of the banks are open from Monday to Friday, from 9  am to 4.30  pm. Be careful, some branches are closed between 12  pm and 1.30  pm.

Bring a form of identification (ID card or valid passport)  and a habitation certifcate, and if necessary, depending on the bank, your employment contract.

Make sure that the bank you choose has numerous branches and cash dispensers all over the country.

Cash withdrawals are generally not free, except from the dispensers of your bank. However, some banks have special formulas linked to the transactional accounts, offering a certain number of free withdrawals in Luxembourg and in the EU.

Cash withdrawals are usually made with the V PAY card (Europen debit card system) offered by all banks or (but with extra fees) with your VISA card or MasterCard. In case of loss or theft of your American Express, V PAY, Visa or Eurocard MasterCard, contact CETREL (24/7) to 49 10 10.

When making purchases, you can pay with the V PAY debit card (direct debit) and with VISA card or MasterCard (deferred debit).

The main retail banks offer direct access to your accounts via an Internet Banking service with many on-line tools (loan simulator, taxation simulator, …).

More and more banks are offering a Mobile Banking app for smartphones.

Before going to a bank branch, don’t hesitate to visit the websites of various banks to get information and have a first impression.

See the main banks in Luxembourg.

1 - ING Luxembourg

ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking services through its operating company ING Bank. The purpose of ING Bank is empowering...


Assistance for loss or theft of bank card

In case of loss or theft of your American Express, V PAY, Visa or Eurocard MasterCard, contact CETREL (24/7).

+352 49 10 10

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