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2 LALUX Assurances

LALUX Assurances, one of the leaders of the Luxembourg insurance market

Lalux accompanies the insurants in their most diverse needs of personal security. Created in 1989 in joint-venture with the Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État (BCEE) on base of the former La Luxembourgeoise SA d’Assurances (1920), LALUX is implanted in Leudelange, in direct periphery of the capital.

LALUX associates know-how and experience to answer by extensive contracts and modern services, the expectations of the private customers and companies. The matchless experience is on the base of the service line of LALUX. This is guaranteed by the largest network of professional and local agencies all over the country and permits to support the insurants every moment of their life. LALUX proposes not only opportunities to protect them against the risks of everyday life, but also flexible solutions suited to make fruit their capital and to plan in a serene way their retirement.

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 2 LALUX Assurances