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Administrative procedures / Inscription

Registration of new arrivals

When you move to Luxembourg you have to register in person with your local commune. As each commune is autonomous, the procedure may vary from commune to commune. They ensue from different legislations and regulations which determine the procedures to be followed.
In Luxembourg-City the arrival declaration has to be done at the Bierger-Center within 8 days after arrival.

Registering at the consulate

See Luxembourg city’s website for a list of embassies and consulates.

It is very worthwhile for you to register with your consulate or embassy in Luxembourg. Registration is essential for you to be able to receive or renew official documents (passport, national identity card, …) and also, for example, in case of  birth/death, serious accident, arrest, notarial deed, the consulate or embassy can come to your rescue and facilitate administrative formalities.

You also need to be registered if you want to vote in your home country.

Some useful addresses:


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