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Administrative procedures / Information and orientation

What administrative procedures to reside in Luxembourg ?

Free movement in Luxembourg for the European Union citizens

Any european Union citizen (EU) or citizen from an affiliated country, can travel freely within the EU and Luxembourg, which gives them the right to work or live in any EU country.

Nationals from States that have acceded to the agreement on the EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and nationals of the Swiss Confederation are considered as EU citizens.

Croatian citizens have to request a work permit in order to be able to work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Short stays in Luxembourg less than 3 months

Subject to the measures foreseen by the different communal laws relating to population registers, the EU citizen doesn’t have to go through any procedure. He/she simply has to be in possession of a valid national ID card or passport.

Long stays in Luxembourg for more than 3 months

The EU citizen has to be in possession of a valid national ID card or passport.
He/she has to make an arrival declaration at the local administration of the area he/she wants to settle in within 3 months after arrival. He/she has to fill in an EU citizen registration declaration on the basis of which a registration attestation will be issued immediately. After a regular uninterrupted stay of 5 years in the Grand Duchy, the EU citizen can apply for a permanent right to stay or for the luxembourgish nationality

All required documents must be originals or certified copies. Documents are accepted in German, French or English. Documents in any other language must be translated by a certified translator.

The list of documents depends on the status of the EU citizen and can be found on the website or the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Residence permit in Luxembourg required for non-member UE countries

The residence permit granted depends on the status of the non-EU foreign national (employee, self employed, professional sportsman, young au pair, etc.). The list of documents required according to activity can be found on or on the Foreign Affairs Ministry website. (

Either originals or certified copies should be presented. All documents in a language other than German, French or English must be translated by a certified translator.

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