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Administrative procedures / Family benefits

What kind of family allowances are paid to Luxembourg residents?

In Luxembourg, family benefits are paid differently according to your family and professional situation, the composition of your family, your residence, ... The system has changed since August 1st, 2016 for new residents since that time.

Birth allowance

Women who have been followed during their pregnancy, childbirth and follow-up of the child up to 2 years old in Luxembourg (medical certificates obligatory) can claim a birth allowance.

Family Allowances and Allowances for the Future of the Child

Family allowances are monthly financial benefits designed to help households to raise their children by offsetting family burdens, ie financial expenses related to the upkeep and education of the child.

Family allowances shall be paid to resident families whose children were born before August 1st, 2016, and who are living in Luxembourg or  have started working in luxembourg before that date.

From August 1st, 2016 the child's future allowance shall be paid to children born from August 1st, 2016 or in case the person making the application has started to work in Luxembourg or has moved to Luxembourg from August 1st, 2016.

School Allowance

A school allowance is paid annually before the start of the school to children from 6 years of age and up to the end of secondary school or 25 years at the latest.

Applications for benefits must be submitted to the Caisse pour l’avenir des enfants (CAE).

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