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Wellness Center d'Coque Lux-Kirchberg

The inside area offers three types of saunas (80°C Finnish modern, 90°C Finnish rustic, 60°C bio sauna), a snow cabin, hammam, massage area, a tepidarium, 35°C whirlpool, a hot pool, a cold pool, various showers, relaxation areas, foot baths, fitness area, solariums, a bar, …

The outside area includes two saunas (one wood fixe heated), a hot pool, a cold pool, showers and a relaxation room heated by wood fire.

Minimum age required: 16 (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

The Centre de Détente d'Coque is a mixed nudist area.

+352 43 60 60 444

 Wellness Center d'Coque