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More information about the wine tradition in Luxembourg

Since time immemorial, the Moselle valley and Luxembourg have a wine tradition: Celts, Gauls and then Romans cultivated vines there. Century after century, the Moselle wine has won its spurs.

Since the beginning of the XXth century, thanks to the introduction of noble grape varieties and to a new generation of winemakers, in association with foreign œnology experts, the Moselle wine just gets better and has earned recognition in international contests.

A large part of the banks of the Luxembourgish Moselle are today covered with vines. The vines have some classic grape varieties among them such as the Auxerrois, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris and Riesling. They cover some 42 km of the Moselle valleys, from Schengen to Wasserbillig, stretching over 2 districts: Remich, with rich and fertile soil, and Grevenmacher, with calcium-rich, slowly eroding soils. They both produce “grands crus” which have character, are diverse and truly merit their high reputation.

Wine and crémants cellars in Luxembourg

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