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Recycling of your waste in Luxembourg

Have you decided to tidy your cellar or garage? Do you have items to dispose of, donate or recycle? Want to get rid of all trash, bulky items and other unnecessary things?

Municipalities provide you with recycling centers and recycling centers so that you can put your house and granaries in order and put them in order.

Centre de Recyclage (Lux-Belair)

Luxembourg city and Strassen residents can take their recycling free of charge to the city recy- cling centre. There is also an area where you can leave...

Waste - Hygiene Service (Belair)

Rubbish collection service, recyclable and biodegradeable materials. Garbage/recyclable waste collection timetable by road is available on the website.Bulky...


BIOMÜLL - organic waste / biodegradable

The collected biodegradable waste is a renewable energy resource because they are valued vigorously. They reduce the amount of waste in the grey bins. Luxembourg City offers brown bins for specific harvesting of bio-waste. Effective waste separation will allow you to lower the volume of your gray bin and therefore the price of the annual fee. Of a capacity of 40, 120 or 240 liters, they are collected, for free, every week.  

To order your brown bin, you simply pay a single fee for the provision of 30 € on the BCEE LU38 0019 3355 2486 1000.  Communication, you must specify the desired capacity and a phone number for delivery. All information is on the website of the city.


Be careful to properly recycle your plastic waste

When you arrive to Luxembourg, pay attention to plastic waste techniques failing which you will receive a red dot label sanction on your garbage bags. You will then be obliged to sort through your waste again and wait until the next  collection.

Check your blue bags  for recycling instructions!

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