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Repairs / recycling / Repair and Troubleshooting

Where to repair or replace your belongings in Luxembourg?

Looking for a professional to care for your garden? Need a repair on one of your appliances, hi-fi, telephone ... in Luxembourg?

Just Arrived offers you a list of professional services for repair and maintenance for your repairs and repairs in Luxembourg.

Local services

Extra Time

Extra Time is one stop shop for all those tasks you don't have time or don't feel like doing such as:  housekeeping (regular or on demand cleaning, laundry...

Forum pour l’Emploi asbl (Diekirch)

Association to help young adults get back to work (gardening, cleaning, moving, …). Located in the north and west of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

ProActif asbl (Lux-Hamm)

Association to help young adults get back to work (gardening, cleaning, senior services, …). See list on the website.


A solution for those little jobs and everyday problems. Jobs inside and outside the home. A reliable team of 7 technicians (French/English). Painting, plumbing, locksmiths, electricity, rollerblinds, glasers, putting together furniture, rubish removal, …

Ask for a quote for jobs over 3 hours more.

+352 26 45 82 55
+352 691 70 00 07 (numéro d'urgence)

Electricity, sanitary, plumbing, locksmith

Ateliers Koch (Lux-Hollerich)

Locksmith, call out service.

Buffadini P. & Fils (Howald)

Heating, electricity, sanitary installation.


Heating, drains, electricity, plumbing, locksmithery, glaziery.


Home insurance policy

It is worthwile to check your home insurance policy! Some companies include organizing emergency interventions for problems in your home: water damage, blocked drains, powercuts, broken windows, roof damage, heating problems, etc. They take care of finding the right company to solve your problem!

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