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Repairs / recycling / Craftsmen

Need a seamstress, a haberdasher, a carpenter-cabinet-maker, a upholsterer, a shoemaker, a laundry ...? Just Arrived gives you some useful addresses of craftsmen in Luxembourg.


Cordonnerie Traditionnelle (Lux-Centre)

Top quality service. Let them repair your best pair of shoes, leather bags, purses, …

Shoe & Keys (Lux-Belair)

Artisanal shoe-repair, key cutting service, stamps, engraving, …

Talon Minute

Fast shoe-repair store.


Fédération des Artisans

Each year, a “Construction Guide” is put together by the Luxemburgish Federation of Craftsmen which can be consulted on their website. This guide offers a fully detailed overview of all craftsmen based in Luxembourg as listed by area of specialization. Extremely useful if you need to get professional building and construction work done.

Addresse : 2, Circuit de la Foire Internationale

+352 42 45 11-1

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