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Multilingual libraries in Luxembourg

To escape through books or perfect your reading in a foreign language, we have selected for you media libraries in Luxembourg that will offer you books and magazines in multiple languages.

Biblioteca Italiana Circolo Culturale e Recreativo Eugenio Curiel (Lux-Hollerich)

Italian library and media library.

Bibliothèque de l’Institut Camoes (Lux-Centre)

Portuguese library, possibility to order books.

Bibliothèque du Circulo Cultural Espanol Antonio Machado (Lux-Gare)

Spanish library.

Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg (Lux-Centre)

Anyone can join the library for free. However books can only be taken out by those aged 16 and over living in Luxembourg or in the nearby areas. Numerous...

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’Art Contemporain (Lux-Centre)

The InfoLab welcomes you in a cosy atmosphere. Works at your disposal: magazines, books, videos and artists files available for consultation. Free Wifi...

Cid-Femmes (Lux-Centre)

Information and documentation centre for women. Books, CDs and music score-lending service.

Cité-Bibliothèque (Lux-Centre)

Free registration for all residents of the City of Luxembourg which entitles them to the free loan of 4 books, 2 sound recordings for 1 month and 2 DVDs for a...


Bicherschaff (Book Cupboard)

Access to the book cupboard is available to all, adults and children, all day, every day free of charge and no need to register. If interested you can borrow a book or several books, read them there or take them home and put them back after reading. You can also keep a book and replace it with another one.

Where: Place du Théâtre



Clever partnership between the LIBO bookshop & EXKI ! Discover books in 5 languages while tasting a fresh dish.

Address : 11, r. du Fort Bourbon

+352 40 30 30-1

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