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Leisure / Musical activities

Musical activities and choir

Whether it is to discover music, learn to play a musical instrument or sing in a choir, we have selected some activities for you to awaken to the music or to perfect your musical art.

Music schools

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Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg (Lux-Merl)

The Conservatoire is a school of approximately 3000 students from 7 to 25 years old and 140 teachers in all disciplines, both theory and practical. For the...

École de musique Cavem (Lux-Bonnevoie)

From 7 years old. Guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, organ, accordion, saxophone, ... The teachers are active musicians playing solo or in bands. There are 3...

École de musique de l’UGDA (Strassen)

From the age of 6. Music and singing. The Grand Duke Adolphe Union Music School is a public establishment offering music classes in 47 communes of the Grand...

École de musique Musikand (Lux-Weimerskirch)

Children in groups of 4 to 12 years. Introduction to the keyboard and theory classes. Lessons in French, Luxembourgish, English and Croatian.

Foyer des Arts (Howald)

Guitar, percussion, piano and djembé and singing lessons. Timetable and prices on the website.

Luxembourg Drum School (Bofferdange)

Percussion school for all ages which allows you to move straight to practice. All teachers are active musicians. On quarterly basis, you’ll receive a report on...

Violon Alto

Private violin and saxophone lessons for children and adults, from beginners to advanced, at home or in Fentange. Details and prices on the website.


Chèque-Service Accueil

With the "Chèque-Service Accueil", you can get reduced rates in some music schools. 

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