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Kids / Internships and colonies

Are you searching for a training camp or holiday camp for your children? Luxembourg has a lot on offer! Below are Just Arrived’s recommendations to keep your little ones occupied: nature and Discovery camps, sport, holidays, language courses, … many activities are available in the country for little and big kids.

If you want to have an overview of the training and holiday camps on offer in Luxembourg during the school holidays, Just Arrived suggests that you have a look here. You will find and vast choice of free and not free of charge activities to offer your children during their holidays: art or cooking workshops, language classes, sport camps, kids holidays, the list is very complete and regularly updated!

Are you looking for a long or short-term child care solution in Luxembourg and don’t know who ask? Just Arrived can guide you to the best childcare addresses in Luxembourg in the section “nurseries and child care”!

News Kajutel : the multi-purpose and free phone support service Created in 1992 by Caritas Youth and Family NPO, in association with the Red Cross, the medico-social League and the Kannerschlass Foundation, Kajutel is a Luxembourgian telephone assistance service guaranteeing not only the callers’ anonymity, but also the availability, compliance, privacy and... Read the following

Aktioun Bambësch - Service CAPEL (Lux-Mühlenbach)

For children from 5 to 12 years old. The Centre d’animation pédagogique et de loisirs organises free outdoor activities during the holidays, for children and...

Berlitz (Lux-Centre)

The language school Berlitz organises language and sport camps for children from 7 to 17 years in Luxembourg and abroad. The camps take place in...

Camps for youth

Common diary of associations and young organizations.

Centre pour la Promotion des Arts - CEPA (Lux-Limpertsberg)

The CEPA asbl (Centre pour la Promotion des Arts) organizes courses during school vacations (carnival, Easter and summer school in July). Everybody’s welcome,... (Lux-Merl)

From the age of 6. Language holiday camps in English, French and German from 9 am to 5 pm, during one week. On the programme: introduction to languages,...

National Youth Service - SNJ (Lux-Gare)

From the age of 6. The SNJ organises several leisure activities and training courses for young people in partnership with various associations, in particular,...

Panda Club (Lux-Grund)

From the age of 6. The Panda Club organises weekends and camps based on nature and science. In Luxembourgish.

Sport Wochen (Lux-Bonnevoie)

From 11 to 17 years old. The City of Luxembourg organises a special holiday programme for young people. One-week sports camps in Luxembourg and abroad, with...

What's On For Kids

What's On For Kids is a website where you can find out all the fun and exciting things to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg. Every week we compile a...

Young Caritas (Itzig)

From 4 to 17 years old. The holiday service of Caritas Jeunes et Famille asbl (Caritas Youth and Family) organises holiday camps.


Holiday camps

This is the website dedicated to children in Luxembourg. The “holiday camps” section is very complete.

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