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CCSS - Social Security Office Lux-Hollerich

You need to be registered at the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) in order to have state health insurance. Registration is normally done by the employer. The CCSS then registers the person with the appropriate Health Insurance Office. 

The spouse or partner (if not already registered) and children are automatically covered under the main insurant and are called “co-insurants”. Watch out, the CCSS has to receive necessarily all the necessary documents during the membership of the main insurant (marriage contract, family book, etc.). You can also pass on(transmit) your information via the website of the CNS.

Once you are affiliated, you will receive a social security card with your surname, name and social security number. It shows that you are covered by social security for healthcare and are easily identifiable in Luxembourg when seeking health care (doctors, hospitals, chemists, …) or when you need to contact social security institutions. 

Upon request you can have a European social security card. This two sided card has one side for Luxembourg and the other valid in the EU or EEA.

The European side allows you to access health care in other EU and EEA countries should you need treatment whilst on a visit.

It also allows you to pay according to the regulations in the country you are visiting and to request your refund in Luxembourg in accordance with the Luxembourgish fee structure.

The European social security card has an expiry date and is renewable upon request.

Download "European Health Insurance Card" app for your smartphone.

Guide on how to use the European Health Insurance Card in the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. It includes general information about the card, emergency phone numbers, covered treatments and costs, how to claim reimbursement and who to contact in case you have lost your card. Available in 25 languages with easy option to switch from one language to another. Visit the website CNS

125, rte d’Esch
1218 Luxembourg

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