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Health / Reimbursement

Procedures for reimbursement of medical expenses in Luxembourg

Medical reimbursement by CNS - procedures

When getting reimbursed for the first time, next to registration with CCSS, you will need to give your bank account number to your Health Insurance Fund. 

Depending on the nature of services received, medical fees are reimbursed or not by the Health Insurance, totally or partially.

Which documents or information must be provided for a reimbursement?

  1. The original fee note
  2. The proof of payment
  3. Communication of bank account (only if not previously provided)
  4. The 13-digit matricule number (mandatory)

When getting your medication, the chemist will ask you to show your Health Insurance card so that you only pay the non-reimbursable part.

The originals of the report of fees or other medical expenses, paid, must be sent to the National Health fund. In case of payment by Internet, do not forget to join your debit note otherwise you will not be paid back!

Urgent medical care abroad

In the case of urgent medical care required abroad, we would advise you to contact your Health Insurance Office to find out how you can be reimbursed. Ask for detailed invoices with proof that payment has been made and if possible in one of the common European languages (French, German, English). Make sure that the doctor or the health care provider you consult is registered and linked to the state health scheme (as opposed to being a private practitioner).


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