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Golden Chopsticks Lux-Rollingergrund

Managed by Chef Kendy Chen, the Golden Chopsticks is the place to enjoy the cuisine of the rising sun.

Before opening his own address in the Rollingergrund, Mr. Chen was the sushi master of the Luxembourg Sushi Shops. If he still teachs the art of sushi, he welcomes his customers every day of the year in his restaurant, all red and black.

Mr. Chen also offers other Japanese specialties such as Tokyo grilled beef tenderloin, Japanese noodle soup Wo Don, or grilled Gyoza, a kind of long filled ravioli. At lunchtime, the sushi bar makes it possible to satiate the most greedy stomachs.

The welcome is great and the owner of the place does not hesitate to let you discover his latest inventions. So let's try the exoticism in the Grand Duchy!