Leisure activities in Germany

Cathedral of Trêves

Cathedral of Trêves

The west of Germany is Rheinland-Pflalz bordering with Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Ten regions around the Rhine and Mosel rivers wich are a paradise for sport lovers, culture seekers or wine lovers! Enjoy a 1st class glass of Riesling whilst staying in one of the many historical towns. There are four UNESCO sites, castles and romantic villages, this region around the Rhine and Mosel is a real treasure chest brimming with culture.
Cultural or sporting outings, leisure parks and animal parks, shopping, discover Rhineland-Palatinate. Fabulous outings with friends or family in perspective!

Porta Nigra in Trier

49 km from Luxembourg. This episcopal city is the oldest town in Germany. It was a contact point between the Celtic, Germanic and Roman civilisations and the capital of the western Empire and hense a hub of economic, culturel and intellectual activity.

The Porta Nigra, the northern gate of the city walls built at the end of the 11th century, is named after the darkened colour of its stone, built in grey sandstone. Trier has a charming pedestrian shopping area to do some shopping. You will appreciate it. Trier is a beautiful city where you can go shopping at great prices.
Voir www.trier-info.de.

The cable of Koblenz

172 km from Luxembourg. An unforgettable journey above the river Rhine. This spectacular cable car ride over the Rhine takes you from Koblenz to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the beautiful town and the Deutsches Eck. The famous haedland between the Rhine and Mosel. The panoramic view goes far into the Rhine valley and encourages you to visit the many castles, forteress and vineyards along the banks of the river.

See  www.romantic-germany.info

Wolves Park Werner Freund in Merzig

52 km from Luxembourg. Wolf park Werner Freund. Come and meet the big bad wolf. What could be more exciting for children? Twenty-nine wolves live freely in this reserve. The forester offers a free guided tour every 1st Sunday of the month at 4 pm. The visit takes place whaterever the weather!

Have a look to www.wolfspark-wernerfreund.de.

Eifelpark in Gondorf

64 km from Luxembourg. Theme park for young children, located in the middle of the forest: mini roller coaster, giant slides, mini zoo, clowns and puppets shows, indian camps, mini go-karts, large play areas, animal farm, water bumpercars,… Barbecue and picnic area. Food available.

Consult www.eifelpark.com.

Have you visited Belgium and France? Many activities are also available for family outings. Discover these beautiful countries.