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You would like a garden in Luxembourg? Think about community gardens!

Luxembourg is a small densely populated town, and whose rents per square metre are relatively high. What’s the result ? Many people don't have a private garden to plant or cultivate fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and a kitchen garden.

To compensate for this, the city of Luxembourg has however an original and innovative community concept, which becomes more and more popular : the community gardens !

What are community gardens in Luxembourg City?

First implanted in 2013 in the area of Bonnevoie, community gardens have since then developed in Limpertsberg, as well as in the Pétrusse Valley in Luxembourg. Their goal ? Allow people living in town and having no garden to grow, privately or individually, their own flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits at a very reasonable price.

Each parcel of community garden is in fact composed of a “common” part, as well as of several “private” plots of land to grow, alone, with family or friends. The individual plots measure about 4 meters by 2 meters and thus allow the culture of several plantations.

According to the city of Luxembourg, a community garden is defined as "a garden which is created, cultivated and managed by a group of residents according to exclusively ecological criteria, i.e. without pesticides, GMOs or chemical fertilizers".

Gardens reserved for inhabitants

These gardens are exclusively reserved for the inhabitants of the districts in which they are located (always in order to preserve ecology by seeking no transport via car but also in order to create a friendly atmosphere between friends and neighbors residents).

In addition, the city offers every inhabitant who is tenant of a parcel a training provided by a professional gardener, in order to best optimize the cultivation of his land.

Interested in a community garden?

Are you interested by the concept and would you like to receive a parcel? Please seek advice from one of the environment delegates of the city of Luxembourg, some plots are perhaps still available ! (Tel: 4796-4772 or

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