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New events App in Luxembourg : SoLux

Do you want to know what to do tonight or this weekend? The App SoLux helps you to discover for free the events and great ideas to go out in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Listing of events in Luxembourg

The SoLux team arrived in Luxembourg 6 years ago, young, naive and full of ideas. They were immediately seduced by Luxembourg but it was difficult to find ideas for going out and exploring the country. They often heard people complaining about the fact that there was nothing to do and always ended-up at the same places.

Therefore, in 2013 they decided to create the first Luxembourgish internet site that listed all the events in Luxembourg. Gradually, as the site grew, the expectations of their users and their consumption patterns changed too. As a consequence, they launched in 2016 the first smartphone and tablet application that compiles the events and great ideas for what to do in Luxembourg.

 How does the App SoLux work?

The application is free and it is aimed at being simple and fun in order to be accessible to everyone. It is meant for all the citizens in the Grand-Duchy as well as for those who just-arrived and the tourists looking for tips and things to do in Luxembourg.

For each event, the date, place and description of the event are shown. There is also an integrated interactive map that works with Apple and Google Maps and that allows the user to directly get to the place of the event. Finally, it is also possible to save under your favourites the ideas you best like and share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

SoLux receives many of the events by email or through their « submit » option in the App. SoLux has always had as philosophy the quality and relevance of the events rather than the quantity. They prefer suggesting ideas that meet the expectations of their users rather than proposing an excessive flow of information without a link with their audience.

 The SoLux Universe, crative ideas and collaborative projects

Their universe consists of plenty of ideas as well as creative and collaborative projects. They love meeting people and interacting with them. SoLux is from the very beginning a living project that evolves continuously and where people can interact freely.

Through the SoLux App, both individuals and professionals can publish their events either for free or through one of their payable services. They have worked in close cooperation with certain actors of the Luxembourgish market to create SoLux in order to be able to offer services that meet their expectations. Their services adapt to everyone both in terms of time and budget and are totally in line with the SoLux spirit in order to avoid annoying advertisements for their users.

 What future for SoLux?

Full of projects, full of things, the SoLux team has always millions of ideas coming up ! :D They continuously work on the application to offer a quality service to their users. They also work on a blog that will be available in September and that will present new projects and new talents in Luxembourg of interest to their users. They won’t say more now as the concept is innovative ! ☺ Finally, they are also working on establishing big partnerships and collaborative projects that should also see the light of day soon ! In short, you can see that the story of SoLux has just begun…! ☺

SoLux, events, going out ideas and tips in Luxembourg

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