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With Family Pact, everyday life becomes child's play!

Family Pact is primarily a game, a user-friendly tool conceived to facilitate relationships within a family focusing on parents and childrens everyday tasks

The online game helps to frame family life by setting rules for everyday life.

How does the "family pact" work?

First you need to register via the web site Parents can then register their children on the platform. Once the registration is done, you can enter the system. Here, 4 main categories are proposed: respect, responsibility, participation, autonomy.
Each category contains a set of rules with positive and / or negative points, adapted to the different ages of the children.

Play to win together

In the presence or absence of parents, the children register their accomplished acts, which makes them win (or lose) points in their prize pool. Parents then receive notifications that allow them to validate or not the actions of the children. The children accumulate points in their prize pool that they can allocate in their various rewards. When a reward level is achieved, it is up to the parents to fulfil the reward.

Karine Haddar, director of the Tam Tam agency, is at the origin of this "game". We asked her some questions about the genesis of this initiative:

How did you get the idea to create Family Pact?

It was three years ago. Returning home one night, Vivien had made a table of rules to earn points and to be able to play video games at the weekend. I said OK but we do this in a professional way!

It took more than 2 years to write the functional storyboard, the creation of the design identity, the technical and graphic development. Also, 6 months of meetings with a group of really nice kids to see what their expectations were.

 Were your kids immediately attracted to the game?

This is the idea of ​​my children so they started it immediately. They were my first "beta testers". We saw surreal scenes at the beginning: you come home from work in the evening and you see the table already set up with candles, decoration, garden flowers ... After a while they seemed to have had enough of having to make so much effort so they rebelled and wanted to stop Family Pact.

I left it for a few weeks and then we went back on a more "realistic" basis and especially by making them understand that we also made efforts for them and that it is normal that they do the same for the family. Today, the tool is really integrated in our daily lives.

Above all, we find a lot of motivation today on "qualitative" participation: like cooking together, helping to maintain the garden, tidying things away. The most important thing is that there is no more endless discussion, they just do what needs to be done.

  Do you want to try Family Pact? It's here.

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