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Where to find language classes in Luxembourg?

The multiplicity of languages spoken in the country of Luxembourg is no longer a surprise: luxembourgish, french, english, german, ... The Grand Duchy enjoys indeed a great linguistic and cultural richness.

However, speaking the 4 languages in official use in Luxembourg is necessary or even essential in everyday life. Indeed, they are increasingly needed for social integration but also, and above all, to look for a job in the Luxembourgian territory. 

For this reason, several institutions offer many language courses throughout the year, including different levels of practice.

Several language courses identified by the VDL (City of Luxembourg) 

The city of Luxembourg has created a website listing most language courses (French, Italian, German, Luxembourgish, English, Swedish,...) provided in Luxembourg, by different organizations and associations. They are sorted by date and will allow you to have a broad overview of the different courses and times at which you can register. Among them, the ASTI courses, those of the Athénée de Luxembourg, those of the C.A.S.A, those of the cultural centers and many more ! The site also gives you the opportunity to have access to scheduled courses by recommending several specialized organizations offering personalized courses.

Luxembourg Accueil, several languages courses

The association Luxembourg Accueil also offers many courses and activities, including several language courses. There are, amongst others, French, Luxembourgish, Japanese, German, English and Italian courses. The available seats are limited and often quickly disposed of, but you can still inquire information at the premises of Luxembourg Accueil, in the Grund, to find out if there is a possibility to attend a course. to learn english and french is also a good alternative to learn English and French in Luxembourg. The organization offers courses for adults and adolescents and even several language holiday camps.

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