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Voices International celebrates its 20th anniversary

This year is a special one for "Voices International" as it has been 20 years since Peggy Jenks created the international choir in Luxembourg. Today "Voices International" gathers amateur singers from over 30 different nationalities and has two concert seasons per year, one in June and one in December both in Luxembourg and abroad.

A multicultural music ensemble in Luxembourg

Not only do the singers come from a multitude of different places but "Voices International" has also developed a multicultural repertoire. The music styles range from classic to gospel with some rock and soul on the way.

One of our JAA club ambassadors is a singer in "Voices International"

"Voices International" is open to all and recruits new singers a few weeks before each season. Natalia Boffi, Just Arrived Ambassador for Argentina, who is a member of this cosmopolitan choir, spoke with Camilla, JAA club organiser about her experience within Voices International..

Interview of Natalia Boffi:

When did you join the choir?
I joined the Voices International choir during the spring season in 2010, 7 years ago already!

What level of experience do you need to join?
No experience is necessary to come and sing with the group, but you must be able to hold a tune. Luckily for me you don’t have to read music either!

What level of commitment is required?
It is an amateur choir but you have to attend 80% of rehearsals if you want to take part in the concerts as well as learn some of the songs by heart and attend preparation workshops before the concerts.

How many different nationalities make up the group?
It depends on the season but there are normally at least 30 different nationalities

Any stories you can tell us about your experience?
Each season is different and with plenty of anecdotes. I have very fond memories of our performances in the auditorium of the United Nations and the Merking concert Hall in New York, in Sarrebruck and Vienna where we were lucky to be able to sing. This year for example we start our series of concerts in the Grand auditorium at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg, on 9th May for a lunch concert. This summer we have been invited to participate in the Vienna Festival to present MISA TANGO with its composer Martin Palmieri. As you see each year is special.

What does the multicultural aspect bring to the group and how do you take advantage of this?
Having a wide range of cultures means we have a very varied and multilingual repertoire, which is good exercise for the brain. A good way for the members of "Voices International" to fight against Alzheimer’s disease! The workshops are always a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share our experiences… Isn’t that what Luxembourg is all about?

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