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Transportation in Luxembourg: how to plan your trip ?

Like many other European capitals, Luxembourg is a city which is extremely well served by public transportation. Its small size is a real advantage because many trains and bus lines serve the whole city, even on very short distances.

But how to get from one point to another, especially when one just arrived in Luxembourg and don't know the luxembourgish geography ? How can one manage its trips and inquire about the functioning of transportation? How to find the price of his ticket? Here is a recommendation that could seriously help you!, the app to help you in the public transports in Luxembourg

To easily get around in the public transportation in Luxembourg, your best ally is not the display panel located in the stations or around the bus stops, but the wifi! Indeed, the city of Luxembourg has a website and a mobile app which are both extremely efficient for transports : Mobiliteit.

Not only do they directly inform you on your bus or trains schedule, on the delays and disruptions, but they also allow you, for example, to plan your routes in a simple and fast way, or to find the nearest stations and/or bus stops.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Mobiliteit system is therefore a real must to know when one arrives in Luxembourg !

Get your trip plan thanks to the transport service

To quickly get a schedule or a travel route, you simply need to enter the address where you are or the bus/train stop where you are, a stop or a destination address, and the application will inform you in detail about the different available transportation options : bus or train,trip duration, route traveled, line number, number of changes, the number of meters that have to be done on foot … Everything is explained to you !

Of course, many cities have this kind of centralized system in terms of public transportation, but we have to admit that the one of the city of Luxembourg is different because of its very good performance.

In addition, it is also valid for the entire Luxembourgian territory. So, remember: get connected upon arrival, this site and this app will avoid you many chores!

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