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Transforming an uprooting path in artistic strength with artist Michel Spanos

At the Open Day of the 1535 Creative Hub in Differdange, we met Michael Spanos, cosmopolitan artist, currently living and working in Luxembourg.

Meet Michel Spanos, artist living in Luxembourg

Born in Brussels of Greek parents,  grew up in Luxembourg, lived thirteen years in France, of which eight in Paris.
When asked where his love for art comes from, he says: "From my experience, I have no roots.
I come from a family that uproots constantly for four generations. Painting has always been a refuge".

His artistic work is mainly to combine painting with photography and collage.
With his work "Wonderbourg", the city of Luxembourg (as it was in 1925) finds a second life at the edge of an imaginary lagoon.
The artist emphasizes the beauty of the city but also on the ephemeral nature of things, the beautiful buildings that no longer exist and the memories attached to it.

Discover more about Michel works and visit Michel Spanos website

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