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Luxembourgish traditions : the BretzelSonndag is coming

Each year, a "greedy" and ancestral tradition is celebrated in Luxembourg : the BretzelSonndag

This traditional very popular celebration is held every year in mid-March, during the 4th Sunday of Lent.

What are bretzels ?

Bretzels, also highly appreciated in Germany, are Luxembourgian pastries that, although they exist in salted version, are mostly served in their sugared version during the Bretzelsonndag. Made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and almonds, bretzels are highly popular in Luxembourg. Folded in a specific way, the bretzels’ shape represents lovers’ arms interlacing. The word bretzel is by the way derived from the word arm, or "bracelet", stemming from the Latin language.

What is the tradition of the Bretzelsonndag ?

At the Bretzelsonndag, the tradition wants the man to offer a bretzel to his sweetheart. If she accepts it, in return, the lady will offer the man eggs at Easter. Otherwise, the man will receive an empty basket.

A small touch of originality : during leap years, the tradition is reversed. The women offer the bretzels, the men will take over the eggs a bit later ! The widely used Luxembourgish expression Kuerfkreien (to receive a basket), which means getting left behind, is besides derived from this tradition. Today, the Bretzelsonndag is a Luxembourgish tradition, which is mainly used as an excuse by the more greedy ones to enjoy delicious bretzels, which are often showcased in bakeries for the occasion !

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