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The migration of workforce: focus on the hiring of a refugee

Hiring more people with a refugee status is the goal of a successful integration

Within the framework of the initiative of the European Commission "Employers united for the integration", the Commission and the economic and social partners, in particular the employers, met on the May 23rd, 2017 in ordrer to discuss about the integration of the refugees and other legal migrants on the labor market.

The situation is especially worrisome for the nationals of third countries who come up against difficulties to reach the labor market. The situation is all the more complex for the person having refugee's status because it can cause a certain reluctance with a possible employer.

Therefore, the question of the hiring of the refugees was studied by Adem on May 11th, 2017 on the occasion of Diversity Day. The beneficiaries of the international protection also called "refugees" are more and more numerous on the Luxembourgish territory. Some profiles are interesting for Luxembourgish companies, in particular in case of lack of workforce in certain sectors. Yet the Luxembourgish laws give to the refugees the same right to work as for the Luxembourgish residents: they do not need a work authorization.

Adem declares that 324 "refugees" are at currently available to join the labor market in Luxembourg. With the aim of facilitating their hiring, Adem collaborates with the employers' federations (within the framework of the partnership for the employment with the Union of the Luxembourgish Companies) to estimate the theoretical and technical skills of the refugees present on the Luxembourgish soil.

Article by :  Bénédicte Souy, Mobility (work permit) expert
CEO de Moving People 2 Luxembourg