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The International Very Short Film Festival in Luxembourg

During a period of 9 days,  from 5th to 14th June, over 50 very short films will be shown in 25 countries, including Luxembourg. The Utopia cinema is taking part in this event.

A very short film is maximum three minutes long. The International Very Short Film Festival has gathered together films of all genres and nationalities: fiction, animation, documentary, experimental.

Very Short Film Festival in Cinema Utopia

On Friday 12th June 2015 at 8pm Cinema Utopia will be showing all the films taking part in this international competition.

That is around 50 films lasting less than three minutes (excluding the title and credits) representing the best and shortest films productions in the world this year.

Hence the public can also vote for their favourite film along with the spectators in the other 23 countries. Its looks to be a fun evening!

More information on the Very Short International Film Festival.

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  • Discovering a new, booming audio visual format
  • Luxembourg is taking part
  • The international aspect
  • The chance to vote

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  • Nothing to mention