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Expat from Syria to Luxembourg : Nour tells us about her arrival to Grand-Duchy

With the aim of presenting the multicultural richness of Luxembourg, every week our foreign ambassadors  share their advice, expatriate testimonies and experiences.

Today Nour, our Syrian ambassador recently arrived to Luxembourg , tell us  her story ...

Hey there,
I have just arrived!  Yes; I had been here for almost two months now, I am a 26 years old translator from Syria. I had requested asylum in Luxembourg and of course you are asking yourself how I came?

Well, just like almost every Syrian in Europe, I had to go out of Syria to Lebanon – Turkey then to Greece by a raft – Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and then …HERE.

Long journey, hard one, unpredictable events. For me it was a very strange adventure that I did not expect to have or go through; but its interesting how bitterness and cruelty may change us into better persons; I learned to accept life but never stop trying to change it, now I understand the meaning of which a rose can grow out of a rock

My first day here was awkward, I arrived to the Gare Central and stood up there for half an hour just rolling my eyes looking at people; talking on the phone, taking the bus, holding shopping bags, kids coming back from school, friends hanging out; it was a very normal life I had forget about and once had.

I went to the ministry of immigration (of course I asked for directions and got lost for 50 minutes because I don’t speak French nor German) as soon as I got there I was sent to foyer Lily Unden to get some rest and sleep and been given an appointment to start my procedures. I went to the foyer where I was received with big smile and care.

The welcoming centers are supervised by the Luxembourgish red cross social offices where you get immediate health care, a place to sleep , food and clothes and all employees and volunteers are there to help. I was signed into room 118 with two Albanian sisters.

Days passes by and the procedures were going on relatively ok. I started French class as soon as I could ( I cant wait to speak good French); and as procedures are moving forward you get “bons” for hygiene, pocket money and transportation ticket.

The first month was slow for me, its normal because I don’t have friends and have more free time than I can endure. So I started participating in refugees events and that opened the door for me and many others to socialize more and get involved into the community, these events had me in contact with great people very warmhearted and eager to help others and so we started to have welcoming groups, shared events and a chance to volunteer in different aspects and areas.

People keep asking me do you like Luxembourg? YES I DO; every place has positive and negative sides, for me being in a safe place with good job and great friends is a very important matter and a priority; step by step I am accomplishing that.

Why then did I choose Luxembourg? Small place; yet great nationalities mix, different cultures, social life and active people, that makes living here great thing.

Now am going to tell you a little about me: 
I am Nur from Damascus, Syria. Studied business management and languages. I speak English, French– Spanish and Italian and my native tongue is Arabic. I worked as office manager for 3 years and then got involved into translation and interpretation for 4 years before and during the war in Syria. I had a perfect life, something I really miss and hope to go back again. Syrians are good people, we are not here to beg for money, food or social helps. But we need a small push to be able to stand on our feet again. We want to integrate into the community and be part of it, be independent and active.

To share our culture and get to know the others. Life is meant to be lived normally, there are million of great things and great people in the world. Lets all open our minds and hearts to get to know them. 

Nour Jaara,
Syrian ambassador for the  Just Arrived Ambassador Club

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