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Step into your intercultural integration: join the JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors’ Club (JAA Club)

Just Arrived Ambassadors' Club
Just Arrived Ambassadors' Club

Boosting your integration with a human touch! 
This is the scope of the JAA Club

The JAA Club objectives

Moving and settling to a new country is never easy !
Cultural differences, new customs, getting used to the everyday life, finding your own way through local bureaucracy and administration, children education, acquiring a personal network of support etc.. those can be some of the issues that a new comer will have to tackle.

To this extent, the human support from people having gone through the same integration process is very helpful at the beginning as it will allow a soft and warm transition to a new life in Luxembourg. 

The JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors Club was created to provide this human intercultural support to new comers who will be able to count on the citizen-ambassadors  as guides, connectors between your recent past and your present life in Luxembourg.

Who is the Ambassador?

The Ambassador is a Luxembourgish resident of foreign nationality willing to share his/her own experience as an expatriate, to help new comers connecting with peers from their community, to participate to events aiming at welcoming new residents.

As a multicultural network, based on the different communities, the JAA Club group provides a great opportunity to extend your personal network beyond your own community of origin thus avoiding any tendency of isolating in one nationality.

The JAA Club was created in October 2016 with 5 Ambassadors and can count today on 35 members of all different nationalities. In March 2017  the JAA Club has become a not for profit organisation and its action is supported by the Oeuvre Nationale de secours Grand-Duchesse Charlotte, within the Mateneen framework program. 

Would you like to become and ambassadors? 

If you are open minded, curious about other cultures and eager to share your experience then you can contact us to learn more about the ambassadors role and actitivity.  
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