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Discover KindyROO: an original Australian educational program in Luxembourg

Our bodies and brains need to be ready to learn. For example writing involves a lot more than holding a pencil and copying a letter. 

KindyROO,  a pre-school neurologically based movement program 

Both physically and neurologically, our bodies and brains need to be ready to learn.  
Children need to have good tactile and body awareness so they can control their fingers automatically.
They need to have developed:
  • their posture and balance so they can sit still easily and concentrate on their work; auditory perception so they understand the instructions given by their teacher; 
  • the ability to move their eyes smoothly from what they are copying to what they are writing; the ability to ‘picture’ the letters they are writing in their mind (visualisation); 
  • the fine motor skill to manipulate the paper and pencil and the hand-eye coordination to write correctly what their eyes have seen;
  • they also need to be able to do the allotted task in the time allocated (temporal awareness). 

    When all of this is in place, our children are ready to learn and can easily take on the task of writing. However, if one of these factors is not fully developed, then a child may potentially struggle with the writing tasks at school.  
    Dr Jane Williams*

To help prepare children for learning at school children need lots of movement opportunities, as it is through movement that children prepare their brain and body for learning.

A quality pre-school program is essential, but a neurologically based movement program, like KindyROO, can help ensure your child is ready for learning.
For more information check out their Kindyroo website  or send  an email to 

Dr. Jane Williams is Research & Education General Manager at KindyROO Australia and Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition James Cook University. Townsville, QLD. She is also the daughter of the KindyROO' s founder Margaret Sassé.

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