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Representing the Russian Community in Luxembourg!

One of the main characteristics of Luxembourg is its multicultural nature. Portuguese, Italian, French, Belgian, Chinese…The Grand Duchy is populated by a multitude of different nationalities, which add to its cultural wealth.

Among these foreign communities living in Luxembourg are a sizeable number of Russians: Just Arrived has some information on the institutions representing them.

The Luxembourg Russian Club 

The main association representing the Russian community in Luxembourg is called the "Russian Club". This non-profit organization was set up in 2009 by some Russian expats in Luxembourg and is supported by the Russian Federation.

Russian Club's aim? To promote Russian culture and language in Luxembourg via various activities and institutions.

The club is an initiative of the Russian Women's Club, the Russian language school Kalinka along with  " il était une fois... Luxembourg " (Once upon a time… Luxembourg).

The Kalinka russian School in Luxembourg

Founded in 2010 and run by Anna Radishevskaia, the Kalinka school has really taken off in the past few years. In 2012 they only had 12 students and now Kalinka School has 168 students aged from 4 to 14 years.

This school gives classes to children and adolescents from the Russian community on Saturdays with the aim of teaching Russian and Russian culture, all the while improving their knowledge of Luxembourg. There, they regularly organize many educational activities.

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