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Rent a knitting Grandma!

For knitting enthusiasts: « Mamie et moi » was launched two years ago by two young women, Christina and Camille, offering hand knitted baby and toddler clothes (0-4 years).

"Mamie et moi", knitting by grandmas from Luxembourg and Great Region

What makes "Mamie et moi" special is the fact that the knitters are talented and dynamic Grandmas from Luxembourg and the neighbouring region, who can knit your chosen outfit in 3 weeks or less.

Ordering knitted clothes at "Mamie et moi" is a great way to treat yourself, or treat someone else, as well as helping these Grandmas earn some extra money through their hobby.

Subscribe to a Grandma for knitting

"Mamie et Moi" offers you a cherry on the cake:  you can “subscribe to a Grandma” for a whole year, who will knit clothes for your child as they grow. A great service and a good deed!

Free delivery is offered in Luxembourg especially for you until the 15th February 2016 with the code JUSTARRIVED15!

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