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Parenting: a full time job that sometimes needs support

Your child has a challenging behaviour, or concentration troubles, needs to improve his/her organisational skills, is approching teen-age hood? Passage, a parent Support Group in  Luxembourg can help you.

Passage, a parent Support group for english speking people in Luxembourg

Those are some of the questions that parents can face when raising up their children.  
Be informed, and more aware of the different age transitions that growing up implies, can help the parent feel less lonly in this challenging job. 

In Luxembourg, you can get some support by Passage, a Parent Support Group for the English-speaking community in Luxembourg.
They provide a forum for a vibrant community of Parents & Professionals in the field of education, health & child development.

Lots of questions as a paren, lots of answers to help your child

Passage website includes sections on the transition to parenthood, child development, education, special needs and where to get information, advice and support for the International community. With up-to-date articles and a calendar of all parenting events, it is designed to give a roadmap for the challenges of modern-day parenting in Luxembourg.

For Parents: they organise monthly support group meetings, courses/workshops and information seminars.
For Professionals: they organise regular networking meetings and opportunities for professional development.

For more information about the dates of all upcoming parent support group meetings, seminars, miscellaneous events and articles of interest you can visit their website

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