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OUNI, the first packaging-free grocery store in Luxembourg

Are you concerned about waste production? Are you tired of  plastic food packaging ? You can now shop waste-free at OUNI in Luxembourg

Exactly two years after the project first began, OUNI  opens today its doors to the public as the first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg. 

What is OUNI, ‘Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients?

OUNI ‘Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients’ is a cooperative business entirely owned and operated by its members, who now number over 600.

The cooperative was officially created in February 2016 with the ambitious goal of raising €180,000 in capital entirely from members, who each contribute a minimum share of €100.

This goal was reached in only four months thanks to the unprecedented wave of community support that spread word of the project across Luxembourg, and has since been surpassed.
This support also translated into hundreds of volunteer hours by active members this fall to renovate and set up the store’s interior but also in various working groups: communication (including press), finance, providers, website, logistic and members.

Where to find OUNI in Luxembourg ?

Located at 55 rue Glesener in Luxembourg City, the store stocks a wide range of packaging-free organic, local and/or fair trade food and household products to allow customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their waste.
Late opening hours : Monday-Friday 10:00-20:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00.

The store also offers a cozy café and regular workshops on the zero waste lifestyle, do-it-yourself, upcycling, sustainable living, local food and nutrition.