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Open Evenings at St George's International School

Looking for the right Secondary School for your children? Explore the possibilities of an inspiring state-of-the-art Secondary education at St George’s International School that opens doors to universities worldwide.

A private school in Luxembourg based on England and Wales school programs

St George’s International School located in Luxembourg-Hamm is an independent, not-for-profit school whose curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. The School has approximately 700 pupils from over 50 different nationalities and provides a well-rounded and world-class international education.

A child-friendly environment

In a friendly, dynamic and supportive environment, it prepares all students to lead purposeful, fulfilling and successful lives - to be the very best each can be.

Open Evenings to discover the school

St George’s will be holding three Open Evenings this spring to give students and their parents an in-depth look at the Secondary curriculum and the options offered to students ages 11 and up. The events will be open to the public, are free of charge and will be conducted in English. The first Open Evening is aimed towards students aged 13-14 years and will be held on the 26th February. Two other Open Evenings for children aged 10 to 11 years and 15 to 16 years are also planned and will take place in the coming weeks.

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