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« Once Upon a Time » - the art of raising children’s cultural diversity awareness

"Il était une fois" is a luxembourg association, which proposes multilingual workshops to approach reading in a fun and didactic way

Ensuring reading becomes a pleasure

Reading and books are central to the concept of "Il était une fois". Indeed, the organization aims to make reading a real pleasure for children, and not a simple means of learning. For the association, books are above all a real way for children to discover new cultures, but also to allow them to exchange ideas amongst themselves and to meet other people.

Multiculturalism at the heart of the project

The association’s main objective is that children of immigrants keep attached to their mother tongue by appreciating at the same time, the richness of the many different languages spoken in Luxembourg. For this reason the many different cultures and languages ​​are often highlighted during the activities proposed by the ASBL, especially during the reading workshops.

A wide variety of activities for children

Reading workshops in schools (available in 9 languages ​​including German, English, Bosnian, Serbian-Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian, Luxembourgish and Portuguese), music lessons, Singing sessions, ... "Once upon a time" offers a wide variety of activities for children and, once again, puts culture at the heart of these events.

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