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Discover the Kritzel fabrik in Luxembourg Gare district

The gare district is becoming increasingly trendy thanks to private citizen intitiatives like, for example, that of Jacques Schneider.

Kritzel Fabrik, by a French and Luxembourgish painter and photographer

Jacques Schneider is a French-Luxembourgish painter and a photographer (photography flows throughout his family tree for many generations) who has recently opened a multi-functional space called the  « KRItZEL FABRIK», located in the heart of the Gare district: at 3, rue Origer.
A place of proposing exhibitions, artistic creations and cultural dissemination. 

If you are wandering around shopping in the more and more trendy district « Gare » in Luxembourg and you need a little break, you now have the possibility to drop in at this New-Yorker style loft/gallery/workshop to enjoy a visually refreshing moment surrounding yourself with beautiful art.  

The art of Jacques Schneider

Jacques is well known in Luxembourg for his famous Luxembourgish flags made out of photos of Luxembourgish multicultural residents. The flags took over the whole city of Luxembourg at some point. Even in the Bambesh forest we could challenge ourselves to see if we could recongnize some friendly faces on the the flag.
The different faces were, all together, creating a puzzle of our society that is some how framed within a common Luxembourg flag. « This work was inspired by the Grand Duke’s Christmas speech in 2014, where he stressed the importance of being thankful for our diversity, a gift in fact to everyone. » *

The Luxembourgish flag, the historical buildings of Luxembourg, monuments like the Gëlle Fra are presented  in a new light, emotionally driven by colors and paint brushes, overlapping the traditional image of the famous object that is represented.

Portraits are also Jacques’ passion. It is actually possible to have your own portrait signed by him in the photographic professional studio that is located in the gallery basement.

Find more info on : 
Kritzel Fabrik Facebook page

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 *Discours Noël 2014, SAR Le Grand Duc

« Je saisis à nouveau cette occasion pour remercier tous ceux qui apportent leur pierre à la construction d’une société luxembourgeoise ouverte et diverse. Acceptons la contribution de chacun comme un cadeau à notre cohésion. Soyons fiers et reconnaissants de notre diversité. Il est essentiel que ces temps de crise soient vécus comme une opportunité de nous rassembler autour de ce qui nous unit . »