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New in Luxembourg: a real-estate crowdfunding platform

Bee Invested, the crowdinvesting platform is launching its real estate service in Luxembourg that allows anyone to invest as little as 1.000 euros in high quality real estate development projects.

This new opportunity is designed for anyone interested to invest at least 1.000 euros for a short-term period (24 months) while enjoying an expected 10% annual return.

Many projects have been received but only one has been selected by the team Bee Invested.
The project consists of a 9 apartments residency to be built in Pontpierre.
BATInvest, which is the property developer, is active in real estate sector since 2001 in Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg real estate market is offering interesting opportunities which were until now, not accessible to mainstream investors.
"By lowering the minimum investment tickets, anyone can now co-invest in real estate projects along with real estate professionals. We are proud to launch the first real estate crowdfunding project in Luxembourg. Our goal is to establish a long-term presence in the Grand Duchy and help to build tomorrow’s cities. - explains Johan Poor, VP of Bee Invested

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