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Need help before coming to Luxembourg? Check out the to-do list of our ambassadors!

Arriving to a new country is never easy, but if you know in advance what to expect, the integration process will be easier. 

Our 35 cosmopolitan JUST ARRIVED ambassadors have worked together to create a to-do list upon arrival to Luxembourg, based on their own experience and culture.

TO-DO-LIST : tips and tricks to facilitate removal and installation in Luxembourg

This to-do list, made by our ambassadors in Luxembourg, presents useful information, valuable tips and advices to (future) newcomers with the aim to soften their landing to Luxembourg and facilitate the expatriation in Luxembourg.

Today they want to share with newcomers in Luxembourg their experience of arriving in Grand-Duchy. They share with you their tips and best plans to make this move to Luxembourg an easy time for the whole family.

So you can manage the installation easily and then integrate to this new country.

You can download the to-do-list "expat to Luxembourg" just below on this page.

JUST ARRIVED thanks all the ambassadors for their valuable collaboration !

Who are the Just Arrived Ambassadors in Luxembourg ?

Established in 2015, the club of Just Arrived Ambassadors was launched to give an extra support to newcomers to better intregrate in Luxembourg, a multicultural city and land.
The community of origin is a valuable starting point when settling to a new country.
The ambassador role is therefore to represents its own community in Luxembourg but also, thank to the Club, to interact with the other communities to make the integration process enriched of the power of diversity. 

Today, the Ambassadors Club can count on 35 different members, representing 35 countries, cultures and communities.

To have more information about how to integrate easily in Luxembourg ?

To learn more about JA Ambassadors Club, listen to the Radio ARA interview postcast