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Moovenails: an innovative nail bar

If you are used to having a manicure or getting your nails done then go and try the innovative approach of the Moovenails nail bar. A fun, three-step technique to save time with perfect results.

At Moovenails I only needed 30 minutes to have perfect hands.

Step 1: On the touch screen select either manicure, having your nails painted, or buy products as well as choosing your varnish colour thanks to a colour chart on the screen.

Step 2: the nail bar, goodbye cuticles and rough skin. With one swoop of the emery board my nails take shape. The nail polish is set under LED lights and the result, thanks to the skill of Johann, divine hands.

Step 3: stop by the third counter which on the left distributes a scrub and on the right a cream from « Anes et Sens » made from donkey milk, wonderful for dry skin. Very useful: the moist wipe and dry tissue to remove the scrub before applying the cream. It is quick, very good quality and affordable.

Fancy giving it a try? Then head to Strassen, or from May 4th, the Knauf Shopping Centre in Pommerloch. The Moovenails concept is aimed at shopping centres, airports and other busy areas to allowing working people to have perfect hands. Well done Alexandra Gosse, Mica Pacitti and their team for this innovative idea « Made in Lux »!

More information on Moovenails here!

We liked

  • The innovative concept
  • Time saver
  • The quality of the manicure
  • The price

We liked less  

  • No hand massage or pampering but that is not the concept